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If you trashed your computer's bios,
we are THE RESOURCE you need!


Copy down your computer manufacturer and the model and version of your motherboard.

  • Do this on paper. If your computer crashes you won't be able to get at a file. If you are not 100% sure of what board and version you have DON'T flash!!!
  • If you have an IBM, HP, or any computer with a Non-AMI or AWARD BIOS (like Phoenix) contact me BEFORE you flash.

  • These bios utilities do not provide a way to backup your old file. If you have a Bad Flash I may not be able to help you without one. You need to backup your existing bios image using UNIFLASH (see our FAQs page) so that you can get back if your update fails. I do not charge to backup or store your bios image. You would only be charged if you need it programmed back in. In some cases we may be able to located an AMI or AWARD file that will work in your machine and give you more features and support than the Phoenix image.
  • Be sure you have the correct Flash Bios Utility for your bios.

  • There are three major bios companies, they are AMI, Award, and Phoenix. When you boot up you get a display that gives you the bios maker and code information to identify your motherboard maker. This is a long string of numbers usually at the bottom of the screen.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and be sure to save your old bios to the floppy.

  • This is really important if something goes wrong with the flash. You won't be able to access your hard drive if things go bad. Put this in a safe with the information on the motherboard.
  • Print out Badflash's address and put it with your floppy.

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