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Hello, Just wanted to thank you and let you know the chip is working great. It even fixed the original problem (the whole reason I flashed it to begin with). Could not be happier with your product or your service.

Best regards , Tom


I'm so happy. The chip arrived today and it worked. I did as you suggested: plugged the new chip in, cleared the cmos and the boar came back to life!!! I put the system through its paces a while ago - I installed RedHat Linux 6.2. After finishing that, I did some heavy duty i/o and graphics tests. No lockups at all. Thank you so much for all of your help.

It's obvious that BadFlash.com goes above and beyond the call of duty to help the customer recover from a bios flash gone BAD. The type of customer service you provide is a rare thing to find these days. Your help made it much easier for someone like me who has never pulled a bios chip off a motherboard feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

I fully intend to use you again if the need arises in the future, as I'm sure it will. The need for bios recoveries is an inevitable thing these days. Plus, I intend to refer your service to anyone I know that encounters a situation such as mine.



Thank you. I received the chip & it's working fine. I appreciate your quick service. I'll keep your service in mind for friends in need of bios.



Received your shipment in the mail yesterday. Thank you very much for your prompt response. You are an exceptional example of what customer service can be. I only wish I could find that same level of service elsewhere in the world.

Thanks again, it's a pleasure doing business with you.


Thanks again, you've got a great business there, along with the great service. I'll make sure to recommend my friends if this should happen to them.


Great service Jack. I installed the new chip tonight and everything is back to normal. You saved me at least $100, as my local computer repair store told me that I had to have a new motherboard and to "not trust" individuals who sell computer chips on the internet. Again, thanks a ton and I also appreciate the fast shipping and the emails that helped me install the chip. If I know of anyone else who runs into a similar problem, I will gladly refer them to you.


Well I installed the chip I got from you and the system booted without a hitch other than a checksum error, come to find out my cmos battery needed to be replaced. Anyway, everything seemed to work fine using an AMD K5-150 processor but it would only see it as an AMD K5-133 which is pretty standard since the 150 is the PR rating. I next installed a Cyrix 300 but could not get a post so I re-installed the AMD. I went to the Soyo/M-Tech web page and found out that they released a m549-6 bios so I downloaded it. I then flashed the bios and now it identified the Cyrix 300 and runs like a charm. Thanks for the fine work you do, I'll keep your information handy, as in Murphy's law, if there's a possibility it can go wrong ... it will .. LOL, I'll also pass this information on to anyone else I run into with a BIOS issue.

Thanks Again, Danny


The BIOS worked great... finally returned my dad's computer after about a year of "borrowing" it. My brother does a lot of computer upgrading stuff on his free time, so I told him about your site just in case someone comes to him with a bad BIOS.


Hey Jack,

You are the man.. These chips worked great. I got them today and slapped them in (the correct way even...heh heh). That didn't take very long to get them. I am definatly going to plug you were ever I can. Thanks man. I might order a different chip from you in the near future for a SOYO board that I got screwed on thru Ebay. I think the guy messed up the flash and sold it to me. Thanks again. It's nice to have these running again.


I dropped the chip in and the computer is working perfectly. It even recognized the 40GB hard drive, which is what started this mess. I heard from the board manufacturer about the flash problem. They said if the bios chip had a MX on the top it could not be flashed. It would have been nice if they would have posted this bit of information on their web site with the flash update or in the owners manual somewhere. Oh well, thanks for your help.



Thank you very much for how quickly you reprogrammed my bios chip. I just received it this morning and it booted up like nothing had ever gone wrong. Thank You again,


Got the chip this morning. Works perfectly! Thanks a bunch for your help- I thought this old motherboard was toast. It's a great service you offer.


Worked like a champ! you are awesome.

Thanks a lot man!


Hi Jack,

I have received the chip on 10/19/00 and had installed it on 10/20/00. In less than 10 minutes, my computer was up and running. I have also upgraded my PC to windows millennium and everything seems to be working fine. Thanks for the fast shipment of the replacement chip and for all the tips in installing it.

Best regards, Rogelio

You are the man. I finally had some success last night and it looks like I have my system back. Thanks for taking the time and the great advice.


Jack -

Once again thanks for the quick service. Got the chip today, it worked perfectly. Even though it's an inexpensive motherboard, it's my third system which runs Linux and it works just fine for that. It was definitely worth the money for the new chip rather than trashing the board and buying a new one.

Badflash.com is now a permanent entry in my bookmarks!!


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