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If you trashed your computer's bios,
we are THE RESOURCE you need!

Order BIOS Chip

Please read these instructions and
then click at the bottom to go to the order form.

Please DO NOT order hoping that a new bios chip is a fix all. We have found by long experience that it is likely to help you only under certain conditions:

1. Your computer is working and you would like to upgrade the BIOS without the risk of a failed update and being without your computer for a week or so.

2. Your computer no longer boots as a result of ONE of the following conditions:

A. Failed bios update
B. Confirmed Virus attack and you have replaced the hard drive or had it professionally cleaned. The attack will resume if you don't.
C. After installing new Hardware, such as a memory module, CPU, Video Card, Network Card, etc. and all parts have been verified to be good.
D. Overclocking the CPU or FSB and the CPU, video, and memory are verified to work properly.
E. After "tweaking" the CMOS settings

BEFORE you order you MUST:

A. Have an AMI or AWARD bios or have previously confirmed that we can support you. Please note that PHOENIX has purchased AWARD and is putting their name on AWARD bios. If there is a file called platform.bin in the update package YOU MUST CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING.
B. You know with 100% assurance which motherboard, version and rev that you have.
C. You can provide a copy of the required BIOS image or can provide us with the URL for download.
E. IF yours is a LAPTOP COMPUTER you removed the boot-up password before the computer died.

If your order is shipped, no refund of any kind is provided. If you specify the wrong file the first time, we will reflash your chip for the cost of our normal shipping charge to your location.

We sell 32 pin PLCC's or DIPs and can program DIPs with 40 pins or less for AMI and AWARD bios only.

We need a clean bios image. The normal file provided for Phoenix, Compaq (rompaq) or IBM bios files are not always complete images and we can not support these without a copy of the actual image in the chip. Contact us and we may be able to find an AWARD or AMI file that will work on your board. A bios file will be 128K, 256K, or 512K in size. Some companies, like AOPEN and Compaq provide the bios and flash utility in a single exe file. We can not flash these unless a normal bios file can be extracted.

If you wish to e-mail us a bios file to use it must be either a binary image (128K, 256K, or 512K in size, normally a rom or bin file) or zipped. Forward your order confirmation to us and attach the file. We can not accept exe files.

If you have any questions please contact us BEFORE you order.

BadFlash.com guarantees that the BIOS code you have specified is contained in the working bios chip sent to you. BadFlash.com does not guarantee that the bios chip will fix your computer.

You may not need us at all. See the FAQ's page first!

Click here to proceed to the ORDER PAGE.

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